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Jerhigh Meat as Meals Holistic Chicken Recipe 500g
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-Soft Tender -High Quality Protein Sources -Balanced Nutrition -Reduce Smell of Excrement
Jerhigh Meat as Meals Holistic Chicken Recipe 500g - Php 850
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erhigh Meat as Meals Holistic Beef is soft pellet premium grade complete of nutritional levels. Holistic contain nutrients that are beneficial to dogs such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are nutrients needed to build cartilage and extra healthy joints, Beta-Glucan enhances immunity in the body minerals and essential limonite helped absorb the smell feces of dogs, up to 80% with a nutritionally complete and the soft scent and delicious. Holistic suitable for all dog breeds and especially for dog and especially dysphagia dog. Jerhigh Meat as Meals Holistic Beef is produced from beef cooked with the finest ingredients and meticulous team of highly experienced. The research results from leading laboratory had shown a clean, safe, nutritious. A taste that dogs love. Best to be a main meal, entree, or any other meal for your loved dog.