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PetEsthe Color Restoration System Shampoo 400ml
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Pets cannot be rejuvenated without rejuvenating their coats.
4515681407995 - Black 400ml - Php 1,260
4515681408008 - Brown 400ml - Php 1,260
4515681408015 - Chocolate 400ml - Php 1,260
4515681408022 - Gold 400ml - Php 1,260
4515681408183 - Mixed Color 400ml - Php 1,260
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In human esthetics technology, the skin treatment means rejuvenating the skin condition such as rejuvenating the skin, removing crow's feet, and whitening the skin. In pets, the skin is hidden under the coat, so even if the skin condition is improved, the pet does not look rejuvenated. Pets cannot be rejuvenated without rejuvenating their coats. This is the difference between pets and humans. Of course, the hidden skin is also important, so in the Pet Esthé Special Care System, we aim to rejuvenate the coat and the skin at the same time. General pet rejuvenation is administered in combination with separate treatments such as Color Restoration System, Aromatherapy System, and Thalassotherapy System.