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Vet Our beloved pets all have to see a doctor sometimes, and it’s hardly ever a walk in the park. But what better way to make a trip to the doctor something to look forward to than to bring your pet to our calming Trinoma branch? Your pet can sniff around for a toy or treat, and relax while receiving only the very best veterinary care.

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Grooming Spic and span, that’s how you like to keep yourself and your pet. But like most kids, chances are your pet doesn’t love the process of being groomed. Make the whole ordeal a little more pleasant for you and your pet by letting our gentle, skilled technicians do the job for you.

Day Care and Kennel As much as you’d like to, you can’t always take your pet with you everywhere you go. Whether it’s for a few hours a day while you work or for a few days while you head out of town, you can be sure your pooch or kitty will find a home away from home here at Dogs and the City.

Dog Training: Make sure your dog’s attitude is just like his outfit. Classy. Prepare your pet for any situation that comes his way by making sure he’s polite, well-socialized and understands the cues you give him.


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