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How do we love animals? Check out our site and count the ways.
Keep your pet well dressed, well fed, and smelling great. With our great selection of merchandise you’re bound to find something that suits your tastes and lifestyle – or that suits the animal lover in your life.

We have a diverse variety of upscale merchandise for dogs and cats, from your pet’s everyday needs to gifts for the people that love them. This includes almost anything you can imagine for your pet: designer collars and leashes, cozy pet blankets, chic pet beds, stylish pet apparel, all kinds of pet toiletries, pet cuisine and more. As for the pet lovers in your life, little knick knacks to warm their hearts and celebrate their pets with them.
No matter who you’re shopping for – dog, cat, or the pet lover that you love, you’ll find that Dogs and the City has a lot of special things to show you.