Bactakleen Germ Buster 500ml
Bactakleen Germ Buster 500ml

Bactakleen Germ Buster 500ml

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  • Bactakleen Germ Buster is a multi-purpose quick and easy sanitizing spray that quickly kills germs and bacteria on hands, toilet seats, door knobs and other contact surfaces as well as air borne germs.
  • Comes in a handy size that can be carried in hand bags or pockets making it very convenient to use in public places.
  • Key Features:
  • Prevents Air-Borne and Food-Borne Illness
  • Prevents Legionnaires' Disease
  • Non-Gaseous Product
  • Natural Flower Extracts
  • Certified to be able to kill 99.99% of legionella (causes lung diseases) and E-Coli (causes food poisoning) within 3 minutes
  • Prevents Hand Foot Mouth Disease
  • Areas of use: Widely used in homes, pet cages, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, air conditioning systems, shopping centres, sewage, KTV lounges, restaurants, vehicles and homes, etc.

1. For Hard Surfaces (Toilet Bowls, Phones, Chairs etc) :
Spray directly over the surface to be treated. Wipe off 3 minutes later to kill germs

2. For Air Conditioning System :
- Spray over the filters, fins, trays, ducts etc until it is wet. Wipe dry on the outside only. Repeat daily or weekly

3. As a Deordorising Spray and to Improve air quality:
- Spray 3 to 4 bursts towards the center of the room once or twice a day. Use it immediately when room has odour

4. Kill germs and remove odour from carpets and curtains:
- Spray around the corners and edges where the bacteria concentrates daily. Spray on it immediately when it is dirtied

5. Kill germs and remove odour from cushions, pillows and chairs:
- Spray on the areas to be treated and leave to dry