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Bactakleen Odour Killer Spray For Pets 200mL

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  • Works againts bacterial, fungal and chemical odours.
  • BACTAKLEEN ODOUR KILLER is a non toxic water based deodorising spray that eliminates foul odours associated with bacteria. Manufactured using nano technology, Bactakleen Odour Killer Spray is formulated using green tea extract and citrus extracts.
  • It works effectively against bacterial odours such as urine, fecal matter ,rotting food, vomit odours, cigarette smoke as well as chemical odours such a adhesive or paint odours. Odour killer can be sprayed into shoes and can be used on hard surfaces such as furniture, pet cages, walls, door handles, faucets, toilet seats, etc.
  • INSTRUCTION: Spray 4-5 burst into the air and allow the particles to atomize and drop down to the ground. As it atomizes, the odour killer will start to work to kill bacteria and fungus that cause the bad odor. For stubborn odours, repeat the process and allow the droplet to settle.