Dono Training Pads 60x60cm 10 Sheets - All Goodies for Your Pet

Dono Training Pads 60x60cm 10 Sheets

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Ideal for training Puppies and elderly pets

Pad Size: 60x60cm

This training pad is ultra-absorbent, perfect for toilet training or for dogs and puppies that are confined indoors for long periods. The pads are also ideal for kennels, crates and pet carriers. These training pads contain absorbent polymer. They are the ideal tool to educate your puppy.
Place the training pad with the waterproof side in contact with the floor (or any smooth surface)

• Sealed edges to ensure maximum protection against liquid spills
• Top layer is super-resistant to scratches and tears
• Anti-odour emitting a long lasting pleasant clean smell
• The super-absorbent polymers prevent leakage
One pack of premium Dog Training Pads (10pcs)