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Endi Moisturizing Shampoo Honey & Watermelon 680ml

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This shampoo formulated with watermelon, kiwi extracts and honey essence has a rich moisturizing function. For short haired dogs, it can effectively keep the skin moist and avoid itching caused by dry fur and skin diseases caused by low immunity. A mild cleansing formula with oatmeal extract and coconut based cleansers help cleanse hair and make the hair smooth and shiny. Chamomile and aloe vera extracts can effectively prevent bacteira and fungi from invading the skin and protect the cortex.

Directions for use: Wet your pet's coat with warm water, then gently lather with a generous amount of our shampoo. Apply the shampoo from head to tail avoiding eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and blow dry. Repeat if necessary.