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Endi Whitening Shampoo Honey & Blueberry 680ml

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Helps keep your pet's coat white and bright with this shampoo! It's not only great for white fur, but it contains protein that also helps to naturally highlight all coat colors making it paw-fect for tricolor coats! This soap-free product features blueberry extract that enhances the color, while oatmeal extract, honey essence and vitamin E cleanse and moisturize the skin and fur, leaving your pet snuggly soft and smelling great! Work this shampoo into rich lather to clean, condition and birghten your ever friend's fur! Directions for use: Wet your pet's coat with warm water, then gently lather with a generous amount of our shampoo. Apply the shampoo from head to tail avoiding eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and blow dry. Repeat if necessary.