Happi Doggy Treat 2.5 Inches 28g Strawberry Flavor (3 packs) - All Goodies for Your Pet

Happi Doggy Treat 2.5 Inches 28g Strawberry Flavor (3 packs)

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Happi Doggy Zest is a delicious and premium line of dental treats that provides both superior oral health and total body wellness. Brimming with goodness of natural remedies, our healthy dog ​​chews serve functional benefits that your dog can always enjoy.

Distilled from essential plant oil, ACTIVE PLUS is an effective ingredient that cleanses and protects teeth against bacteria build-up, Besides killing bacteria and eliminating bad breath, it is also enhanced with Prebiotics to support intestinal health.


* For maximum reach and enhanced cleaning

* Strengthens teeth and gums

* Removes plaque

Ingredients Tapioca starch, Powdered cellulose, Pea flour, Glycerin, Apple fiber, Sodium caseinats, Last at wl petsacchande B-glucan), Annatto extract, Eucalyptus OiL Calcium citrate, Sodium hexametaphosphat, Lecithin, Strawberry powder, Perilla extract Prebiotics, Yeast cell wall polysaccharide, Annato extract, Eucalyptus oil