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Jerhigh Meat Meals Dog Food Beef Flavor 500g

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We belive love and care that you share with your dogs proving they are important members of family and deserve the best. Jerhigh's nutrition experts create super-premium dog diet produced carefully with premium selected ingredients. Jerhigh Meat as Meals is a semi-moist dog food which is soft and tender, scented and great fresh taste made with high-quality protein sources which are from premium-grade meat and eggs, wholesome natural ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals for keeping your dog's well-being and enjoy their long healthy life.
• Soft & Tender
• High Quality Protein Sources
• Balanced Nutrition
• Reduce Smell of Excrement
• Omega 3 and 6 Improvement nourish skin and coat found in fish and plants
• Glucosamine and Chondroitin are nutrients extract from cartilage of marine fish help maintain healthy joints and bones
• Inulin is a natural prebiotics which extracted from chicory root helps improve digestive system
Toy 1-5kg 45-95g
Small 5-10KG 96-160g
Medium 10-20kg 161-300g