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Animal Science K9 Ear Drops 60ml

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Kills Bacteria, Relieves Itching, Cleans Canal Treatment to the acute and inertial otitis, otitis media. It can remove odor, clean the canal, kill bacteria, relieve itching, prevent otitis and mite.
* Kills bacteria,relieves itching,cleans ear canal.
* It is composed of tea tree oil,ofloxacin,berberine hydrochloride and metronidazole.
* Indications: treatment to the acute and inertial otitis,otitis can remove odor,clean the ear canal,kill bacteria,relieve itching, prevent otitis and ear mite.

Dosage and Administration: Drip into ear canal, 2-3 drops. Massage ear root slightly to make the drops dispersed. When pets shake head to toss the foreign matters, eliminate the residue in the canal with the cotton swab. Follow doctor's advice and recommendation.