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Animal Science K9 Eye Drops 60ml

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Animal Science K9 Eye Drops 60ml
Kills Bacteria
Clears Tear Stains
Care for eyes

Composed of Levofloxacin, naphazoline, hydrocloride, chlorphenamine
maleate and vitamin B12.
Indications: Treat keratitis, conjunctivitis, blepharitis.
Relieve dryness, itching and abnormal secretion. Clear tear stains in the region of eyes. Recover original Lustre of hair around eyes.
Dosage and Adminitration: Hold the pet's head from the adverse angle to fix it. Make the eyes upwards and separate the upper and lower eyelid with hand. Squeeze the bottle slowly to drip the drops an the eyeballs.
* Observe for awhile to ensure the drops will not flow out.
* Dosage: Press every 15 drops equals to around 1ml.
* For treatment: Drip once in the morning and at nigth, 5-10 drops per time for one week.
* For care: Drip once every 3-5 days, 3-5 drops per time. After cure, drip once every 2 days, 3-5 drops per time for 1week.
Folow recommended guide of veterinarian.