Charcos Treats Beef 80g (2 Packs) - Dogs And The City Online
Charcos Treats Beef 80g (2 Packs) - Dogs And The City Online

Charcos Treats Beef 80g (2 Packs)

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Appearance: Charco’s are round rings approx 20-22mm in outer diameter. Inner hole is approx 7-8mm in diameter. Charcos are black in colour due to the natural charcoal added to the biscuits

Key Points:

Charco’s is a natural charcoal based dog treat designed assist in the control of bad breath & bad odours.

Dogs will enjoy Charco’s as a treat, and when fed on a regular basis, Charco’s will assist with:

  • Reducing objectionable body odours
  • Reducing the bad smell of a dog’s stool
  • Reducing bad breath in dogs
  • Reducing tartar build-up and tooth decay

Charco’s is made from quality ingredients, such as :

  • Activated charcoal
  • Sodium HMP, which improves dental hygiene
  • Yucca, which is a natural plant extract which may assist in reducing objectionable odours in your dog.

Please note that Charco’s is a dog treat, and not a complete food. For this reason, Charco’s should not be fed to your dog as a sole diet. Always ensure that your dog has access to clean fresh water at all times.

Ingredients Listing:

Whole grain cereals, poultry meal, fine ground charcoal, fish meal, vegetable protein, animal fats, sodium hexametaphosphate, yucca and aniseed.


Crude Protein min 20%
Crude Fat min 10%
Moisture max 85%
Crude Fibre approx. 3.5%