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Dectomed Wound Cream 25g For Pets

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Dectomed is a herbal and raw mineral cream solution fortified with iodine and cotrimazine. it has antiseptic,antibacterial,antifungal, antiparasitic, insect repellent and hypo allergenic properties which are needed most in cases like open wounds,skin damage or isrritations and post surgical conditions should there be skin incisions.

USES:For mammalian and avvian companion animal species having cut , bruises , open wounds,surgical incisions,ear cropping,tail ducking,fungus affected area,boils or blisters brought by allergies,parasite infested and prone areas,burns, and callouses. OTC

DIRECTION FOR USE: Clean the affected area with soap and warm water to remove dirt. dab with cotton or clean sheet of cloth afterwards.apply sufficient amont of cream just tp cover the whole affected area lightly.apply three(3)times a week until the wounds is dry when scrab has formed and there is no skin inflimmation anymore. this product is generally safe for puppies under three(3) months of age,pregnant,nursing,and lactating companion animals even when licked or ingested.