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Endi Moisturizing Shampoo Honey & Jam 680ml

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It doesn't take long for a playful pet to start to stink, but lucky for you, this shampoo makes it take even less time for smell like berries! It's a deep cleaning, all-natural shampoo that doesn't contain any soap or common skin irritants. Rasberry jam helps take the stink away while oatmeal and coconut based cleansers work to clean the skin and replenish moisture. Natural proteins and Vitamin E leaves your pal with healthy skin and soft, shiny, luxurious coat that smells great.

Directions for use: Wet your pet's coat with warm water, then gently lather with a generous amount of our shampoo. Apply the shampoo from head to tail avoiding eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and blow dry. Repeat if necessary.