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Groomer's Best Skin and Coat Shampoo 560ml

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Soothe your furry pup's red, itchy and irritated skin with this shampoo. Its pH balanced formula gently exfoliates your pal's skin with salicylic acid, and helps quell inflammation with green tea extract, a powerful coat and skin antioxidant. Thanks to skin-calming oatmeal and aloe extract, you can turn grooming time into soothing time for your best friend. Plus, olive oil provides essential omega fatty acids to keep skin healthy, while Vitamin E and glycerin add misture to each strand. Directions for use: Wet your pet's coat with warm water, then gently lather with a generous amount of our shampoo. Apply the shampoo from head to tail avoiding eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and blow dry. Repeat if necessary.