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Oasis Syrup Milk Aid For Life 120mL

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* Oasis works by efficiently transferring all the necessary nutrients through the mother's milk to be absorbed by the suckling offspring.
oasis is inspired after the traditional matrix system wherein synergistic application of defferent herb to achieve its indicated purpose is promoted.
* This is done through time to prove its officacy. as the plant component is identified.it will be matched with the treatment or supplement it desires. This is the way it was done for thousand of years here in the orient that paved way for an specified application procedure of countless plant material.after nutrient supplementation,oasis secondary target is canine parvovirus. oasis works on the preventive side to fight off CPV infection. this disease is highly infectious and is soread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contract with their feces. it can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. for this reason,oasis chosen herbs are those that support animal immune system by flooding the blodstream of potent phytoncides-natural defense system of plants.

* Refrigerate after opening.shake well before using.sediments and tiny particles may is just normal to any natural and herbal baesd product. this bottle is fragile so kindly situate in place not accessible to children. keep yhe cover tight and sterilize feeding paraphernalia before administration.

Dosage to be given 2x a day., during lactation period adminitered orally or fed together with their food.
Dogs: (small breed) 3ml,(med breed)4ml,(large breed)5ml.
Cats: (med.breed)2.5ml,(lrg.breed)3ml