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Pawise 11477 Dog Grooming Brush Large

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Pawise 11477 Grooming brush 

Part of a healthy, eco-friendly range of grooming aids for dogs the Pawise Slicker Brush is made with premium quality eco-friendly materials including sustainable bamboo, ensuring a comfortable and effective grooming brush to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, glossy and tangle-free.

Designed for regular use to help detangle matted coats and remove dead and shedding hair the Pawise Slicker Brush features a smooth and comfortable natural handle made with high quality sustainable bamboo. It’s ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable fit in the users hand, with soft curved metal pins developed for detangling matts and removing dead hair from your dog’s coat.  Extremely easy to use its perfect as part of a weekly grooming regime for your dog helping to build a special bond between you and your pet, and is available in two sizes making it suitable for all breeds.

  • An eco-friendly, effective and efficient grooming brush for dogs
  • Made with high quality eco-friendly materials including sustainable bamboo
  • Long lasting and reliable
  • Perfcet for dematting coats and removing dead or shedding hair
  • Ideal for everyday, regular use
  • With a smooth, comfortable bamboo handle ensuring precise grooming
  • With soft curved metal pins removing matts and dead hair from your dog’s coat
  • Perfect for use as part of a daily or weekly grooming regime
  • Helps you to bond with your pet through grooming
  • Essential for the health of your dog’s skin and coat, distributing natural oils with every brush
  • Measures 19cm suitable for medium to large breeds

Safety Note: Always take care when grooming your pet, ensuring gentle application. Grooming your pet is essential for many reasons including promoting good skin and coat health and offering vital interaction between pet and owner. Always read packaging and instructions for use before using this product.