Pawise 11490 Pet Ticks Remover - All Goodies for Your Pet
Pawise 11490 Pet Ticks Remover - All Goodies for Your Pet

Pawise 11490 Pet Ticks Remover

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Pawise 11490 Pet Ticks Remover 17x7x2cm

    • Perfect for pets and humans ? we provide perfect grooming tools for dogs, cats, and people like you! Now you can enjoy your long walks and hikes with your pal; if you are constantly around a tick like an environment this for you! No hassle; Even as a tick remover tool for humans, this is the perfect groom-aid devices for restless pets and animals;
    • Safe and easy to use flea tick remover - removing a tick now made with ease, this product lifts tick with one quick twist; Most efficient tick tool remover on the market! Ticks come out with a simple twist; No need to worry about poking anyone or any animal; Twister leaves no pieces of tick left behind; This is a must if you have dog, cat and kids!
    • Perfect travel companion - tick remover for home and on the go; Easily attach to key chain; our tick key removal hook tool is small enough to fit in nearly any pocket or crevice; Tick remover set is perfect for camping, hunting, and any outdoor experience; A first aid must as tick bites are skyrocketing;
    • Keeps away infectious disease - our hygiene tick tools are specially designed to pull out the entire pest, nothing left over; Simply to use: lift, twist and disinfects your body of the pest to help prevent you from tick borne illness
    • Tick twister remover set - equipped with large and small pet tick tool; Easy to use, twist tool to remove ticks, for people and for pets, comes in light green; Soft smooth texture; Safe ends, no sharp points; Ensuring feelings of distress are kept to minimal!
    • Measures 17x7x2cm