Pawise 13017 Dog Padded Muzzle XL - All Goodies for Your Pet
Pawise 13017 Dog Padded Muzzle XL - All Goodies for Your Pet
Pawise 13017 Dog Padded Muzzle XL - All Goodies for Your Pet
Pawise 13017 Dog Padded Muzzle XL - All Goodies for Your Pet

Pawise 13017 Dog Padded Muzzle XL

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Pawise 13017 Dog Padded Muzzle, XL

Soft and flexibe through extra soft padding
prevents biting
good fit due to: fully adjustable neck strap with snap fit; fully adjustable snout strap
allows panting and drinking
Measurement: Neck Strap: 28-46cm, Snout Circumference: 22-34cm
​​​​​​​Please make sure your muzzle is the right size for your dog. 

Specially designed to aid potentially stressful or dangerous situations for you, your dog and others around you the Pawise Dog Muzzle is available in a variety of sizes to suit most breeds, and is a  lightweight, comfortable and safe alternative to the traditional plastic basket muzzles available on the market.

Designed to allow your dog to still pant, drink and treat stain to prevent unnecessary stress the Pawise Dog Muzzle is easy to fit ensuring convenient attachment and comfort for your dog.  It features an adjustable strap for a secure, correct fit on your dogs nose, and is ideal for dogs that are at risk of showing potentially dangerous behaviour whether this is caused by fear, stress or anxiety.  Simply place the nylon band over the nose and adjust for a secure and comfortable fit.

Developed for temporary wear for short periods of use as and when required the Pawise Dog Muzzle ensures additional safety for dogs that may show signs of potentially aggressive or dangerous behaviour around others helping to keep them, you and others around you safe, for example if you fear your dog might bite when visiting the vets or groomers.  A perfect solution for these situations it does not cause any pain or discomfort to your dog, but simply provides additional security when you are out and about.

  • Specially designed for dogs that may show potentially dangerous behaviour
  • Ideal for dogs that suffer with fear, stress or anxiety in certain situations
  • Suitable for short periods of time, providing additional safety and security for your dog, you and others around you as and when required
  • Lightweight, comfortable and safe
  • With adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit
  • Still allows your dog to carry out everyday activities and behaviours including drinking, panting, and accepting treats for good behaviour or training

Directions for Use: You can find out which size of muzzle your dog will require by measuring the circumference of the neck and snout.  It is important to measure your dog correctly to ensure a correct and comfortable fit.  Unclip the neck fastening and insert your dog’s snout into the nylon band.  Adjust the neck straps to the size required and fasten accordingly to ensure a correct fit.  Use the size guide below to assist in finding the correct size for your dog.

Pawise Muzzle Size Guide

Note: All pets are unique in size and shape so please measure your pet before purchasing to ensure the correct size. Measurements will provide the exact sizing required for YOUR dog.