Pawise 14559 Dog Toy Play n Chew Dumbbell - All Goodies for Your Pet
Pawise 14559 Dog Toy Play n Chew Dumbbell
Pawise 14559 Dog Toy Play n Chew Dumbbell

Pawise 14559 Dog Toy Play n Chew Dumbbell

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    • Pawise 14559 Play n Chew -Dumbbell
    • The Pawise Play Toy with Chew Play & Chew, is for your best friend who always loves toys with rope, keeping gums clean and exercising chewing. 
    • This pet toy is made of non-toxic TPR material, lovely shaped with one rope string, great for your dogs to play with and grind their teeth. 
    • Fights Pet's Loneliness, Anxiety & Boredom: This toy will keep the Pet Happily Engaged, Fights Anxiety and Boredom.
    • Especially, when the owners are away, pets become extremely lonely & depressed, such interactive toys, which are also safe help the pets pass their time happily even when left alone. 
      Unique texture design with bright colour, easily attract pet's attention, ideal gift for your pets and your friends who also have cute pets. 
    • Great Toy for playing,chewing, tugging and training.
    • Product Measurement (CM) 40x6.5x6.5cm

    • Pawise Cat and Dog products are always produced from real first quality raw materials and have a high durable structure.
  • The designs and textures on the product are manufactured with advanced technology.
  • While Pawise has a traditional product group such as plush, ball and bone, it also has a new generation of intelligent toys and equipment developed by itself.
  • The products are CE assured and quality. Since it does not release chemicals, it is 100% harmless to animal health.
  • Pawise works to have fun with your buddy.