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Pawise 14604 Dog Toy Dura Chew Chicken Flavor

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Pawise Dura Chew Chicken Aromatic Dog Bone 15.5 cm

It is a 15.5 cm long, chicken-flavored, leather dog bone for large and medium breed dogs that helps maintain their gut instinct and have fun, as well as help maintain tooth and gum health.

* Recommended for dogs with a body weight of 20 -50 kg.
* Helps keep your dog's form with 2% fat.
* It provides a long time to linger by making it more interesting with its chicken flavor.
* It helps to strengthen the jaw structure.
* Reduces tartar and plaque accumulation and cleans teeth.
* It helps your dog meet the chewing instinct.
* Helps protect tooth and gum health.
* It does not contain sweetener and artificial coloring.
* It is recommended to always have fresh drinking water with you.