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Pawise 15061 Vivid Life Hollow Chick Plush Pet Dog Toy 19cm

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  • Product Measurement (cm): 19x17x3cm
  • Pawise 15061 Vivid Life Hollow Chick Plush Pet Toy
  • A fun filled, colourful, noisy toy for dogs and puppies, this toy is sure to entertain keeping tails wagging for hours on end, part of an appealing range of textured toys and games for our beloved canine companions.
  • A fun filled fetch toy for puppies and young dogs
  • Made with soft, non-toxic, premium quality materials offering a range of tempting textures dogs love
  • Bright and colourful ensuring visibility wherever play may take place
  • Helps to prevent boredom and anxiety providing tons of emotional and physical enrichment and satisfaction
  • Helps to prevent destructive behaviour, often stemming from boredom
  • With one internal squeaker encouraging natural play instincts
  • With teething feet assisting with puppy teething, providing a safe, non-toxic area for your pup to chew and suck preventing potential destructive chewing and massaging gums
  • Easy to pick up and carry
  • With an adorable cute design
  • NOT for Aggressive Chewers. Like every other toys, squeaky plush toys are NOT indestructible. We recommend supervised play, and timely replacement of the broken ones.