Pawise 28174 Catnip Filled Banana Interactive Cat Toy
Pawise 28174 Catnip Filled Banana Interactive Cat Toy
Pawise 28174 Catnip Filled Banana Interactive Cat Toy

Pawise 28174 Catnip Filled Banana Interactive Cat Toy

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  • Catnip filled kitten toy: the yellow banana kitten toy is filled with reliable and quality catnip without other fillings, which will give off an attractive fragrance, safe for your cats to play and chew, making your cats feel the unprecedented enjoyment and happiness
  • Keep cats healthy and active: the kitten catnip filled toy can arouse the instinct of a cat through the attractive fragrance, improving your cat's game enthusiasm and mental state, providing your cat with a nice game experience, keeping it healthy and active; Beside, it can enhance the relationship between you and your cat, so that you can become a good partner
  • Distract the attention of cats: the interactive kitten fruit toys with vibrant color and cute shape can attract your cats' attention and arouse their interest to bite and chew, which can distract the attention of your cats, helping release stress and get rid of boredom, preventing your furniture from being scratched by your active cats
  • Nice gifts for cats: the cat chew toy looks like a realistic banana, which is lovely and funny, nice gifts for your beloved cats to play with, making them happy and relaxed, and you can share with your family members or friends who have cats
  • Non-toxic material Please note that no toy is indestructible. Supervision is recommended with any toy.

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