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Reprovit OB Multivitamins 120mL

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* Reproductive Health Specific Multivitamins and Minerals
+ Trace Elements in Herbs
* Prenatal Food Supplement Fortified with Folate and Calcium
For Dogs, Cats, Chinchilla, Birds, Ferrets and Rabbits.

- Reprovit OB fortified with Folate and Calcium is a food supplement for companion animals during pregnancy period. The duration of use is from breeding time to early detection until giving birth and until hatching time for avian species. It serves to provide dual action on both developing life and the general health of the mother itself.

To be given daily, administered orally or fed together with their food.

- Small breed 3mL
- Medium breed 4mL
- Large breed 5mL

- Medium breed 2.5mL
-Large breed 3mL
- Rabbits 2.5mL
- Hamster 2mL