SHERNBAO PGC-560 Smart Digital Professional Pet Clipper Cordless for Dog and Cat
SHERNBAO PGC-560 Smart Digital Professional Pet Clipper Cordless for Dog and Cat

SHERNBAO PGC-560 Smart Digital Professional Pet Clipper Cordless for Dog and Cat

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PGC-560 Smart Digital Clipper! Lightweight and ergonomically designed, it’s built to deliver effective heavy trimming and full-body grooming for a wide variety of small- and medium-sized dog breeds. Its ceramic four-in-one shear blade can be adjusted from a #10 to a #40 setting, and its four attachment combs range from 1/8 inch to ½ inch — allowing the flexibility you need to make each area of your pooch’s coat just the right length. With its advanced lithium-ion battery, this clipper can be used continuously for a whopping three hours. And its motor is built to last longer than the ones in most other semi-professional clippers, so it’ll see you and your best friend through many, many grooming sessions.

Key Benefits

  • 4-in-1 shear blade can be adjusted in length from #10 to #40 for a variety of hair lengths, and 4 attachable combs range from 1/8 inch to ½ inch in size, for a tailored trim to any body area.
  • Lithium-ion battery holds its charge through 3 hours of continuous use, and takes just 2 hours to recharge.
  • A patented cooling system prevents the clipper or its blades from overheating.
  • Extended-life gold-palladium motor lasts longer than traditional motors.
  • Single-speed design is suitable for most grooming needs.

Pet Clipper PGC-560

  • Cord/cordless Universal USB charging use.
  • Available with adjustable blades/detachable blades
  • Patented cool blade technology
  • Cord/Cordless with Li-ion battery for long hours service
  • Ultra light in weight: 400g
  • Product description: LED digital pet clipper
  • Smart constants speed control - Product keeps constant RPM according to set of speed
  • LED intelligent status displayDisplays charging progress.
  • High performance Li-ion battery (1300mAh)2 hours of quick charge can run 3 hours over charging protection included.
  • Patented Cool-Blade technologyThe industry's first blades cooling system keeps the blades cool even after heavy use.
  • Extended life motorThe commutator made of gold-palladium, last longer than traditional motors.
  • Chorme combs set (3/6 /9/12mm)Smooth chrome finish feeds hair through comb effortlessly creating a faster, smoother cutting action.
  • Equipped with standard Adjustable Ceramic bladeAdjustable blade size: 1.0mm 1.3mm 1.6mm 1.9mm
  • High-tech Ceramic shear blade, Titanium coating on high quality stainless steel fixed blade.
  • Very fast cutting, super hardness, sharp, wear-resisting, long service life.
  • Compatible with all LightEdge detachable blades
  • Usage time: 3 hours